Siren - Hit The Ice


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Now it’s with mixed feelings that we introduce Hit The Ice. It’s a keg and cask pale ale with a hop bill to make your eyes water. It’s hazy, juicy and 100% quaffable and we can’t wait to drink it all – let it loose on the bars.

But unfortunately there’s a bit of a catch. We’re very sad to be losing Sam Lee from our team in September. He’s been with us for over three years, and has become an essential part of everything we’ve done over that time. Unfortunately he’ll be leaving the industry for pastures new. He’ll be sorely missed and we all wish him the best.

Hit The Ice is named after his most infamous Siren moment – a spectacular entry to the ice rink at a Christmas Party, which (spoilers) ended disastrously. Cheers Sam!

330ml     4%

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