Tempest - Mexicake

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  • Tempest - Mexicake
  • Tempest - Mexicake

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Grab a bottle, laze out in the sun, and enjoy our Mexican inspired imperial stout. Carefully balanced cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa, and chillies make this a smooth, velvety, and completely delectable brew perfect to pair with puddings and ice cream.

2016 Scottish Beer Award Gold

The "Mexican Cake" concept, brewing an imperial stout and adding cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa, and chillies. And what a beer it turned out to be!

The aroma is mouthwatering, with hints of the vanilla and cocoa used in the brew and a soft cinnamon to prepare you for the taste. One sip and you'll get that smooth, velvety texture that perfectly complements the slight roast flavour from the malt and deep chocolate notes. Two sips, and your mouth will be enveloped in the complex spice notes from the cinnamon and chillies; we used Mulato and Chipotle chillies for a slight fruitiness and to add depth to the spice. In the finish of the first few sips, you'll notice a very low warmth from the chillies and the last mingling hints of the cinnamon and vanilla making you want even more.

It pairs beautifully with puddings, and for a summer time twist it works surprisingly well as an ice cream float.

Grab a bottle, laze out in the sun, and enjoy our Mexican inspired dessert in a bottle.

330ml   11%

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