To Øl - Mr Brown


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The 6th and last beer in the series to honor Tarrentino’s “Resevoir Dogs”.  Mr. Brown is a big and full-bodied doppelbock. This dark 9% lager has got a shot of figs, dates, cocoa and coffee for added depth and fullness. This treatment emphasizes the beer’s rich dark taste and elevates it to even more palatable heights.

Kasper Ledet on the design of the Mr.-series:“This series of beers is inspired by the Quentin Tarantino directed film “Reservoir Dogs”. The beers are named after the main characters in the film. The colours in the names then inspired the ingredients in the beers. For the labels all aesthetic references to the film (which is really good btw) was abandoned in favour of a reference to the colours themself. 

330ml   9%

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